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Louay M  4-8-21 Tenergy 19

I love it, I have been going there for years, great customer service, fair prices, very knowledgeable.

Louay M 

Stephen G.  Mar 10 2021 TENERGY 80 FX

Excellent service, quick shipping, accurate order received. Simply the best!

Stephen G

Ryan M. on Feb 10, 2021

Dignics 09C this rubber is unique with its extreme high throw and “tacky” top sheet. While not as tacky as H3 it’s still noticeable. This rubber can generate a lot of spin and while the speed is not as high as D05 it still has plenty. If you feel T05 is too reactive this is a great alternative since D09C offers a lot more control

Ryan M

Faster than Rakza 7

Scott Endicott on Feb 07, 2013

This has great power. It has higher speed with a straighter trajectory than Rakza 7. The ball explodes from the rubber but doesn't dip as noticably as 7. So if you're looking for more speed, this would be good for you to try. Very powerful.

Scott Endicott

I am a powerful looper typically playing mid/long distance from the table and I was looking for a rubber with amazing control and spin. I did a lot of research and after testing this rubber out I realized this was exactly what I needed. You will not find a better combination of both control and spin anywhere else (not even Tenergy). The throw angle of the rubber is on the lower end, which in effect makes your loops have a tremendous influence of bending the flight path of the ball downward. You almost feel like you cannot miss a forehand loop with this rubber. I have tried Tenergy 05 FX,Hurricane 3 NEO, and Baracuda; but Donic Acuda Blue P2 definitely is my favorite rubber.

Kevin Zywicki

Bluefire M2 works well for all facets of the modern game. Most rubbers loop well when your contact is perfect, but M2 is a little more forgiving when contact is a little off-center or hesitant. It still gives plenty of energy back into the shot. It?s soft enough to serve and play the short game effectively, but with enough firmness to not bottom out while counter looping off the table. Its high throw lifts backspin effortlessly with the proper stroke, but it still pushes sharply when needed. It really does everything I ask it to!


I received the two (2) orders today and I was so happy with the fast shipping. The Yasaka Rakza X discount is huge and it's not even on sale with Paddle Palace. I will try to assemble the two rubbers with my Sardius blade so I can try them at the club this Saturday. Thank you very much, Mr. G. for your kindness and generosity in lowering the price.

Raul L

Excellent job of assembling the racket. I looked for any poor application or missed application of glue. There were none.

J.A. Saint Johns

Absolutely wonderful experience. Placed an order at noon before 2pm and received a fully assembled racket in two days. Great Service! 5 stars!