Franziska Innerforce ZLC
Franziska Innerforce ZLC

Franziska Innerforce ZLC

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Franziska Innerforce ZLC blade is used by Patrick Franziska
Constructed with Innerfiber specifications, equipped with ZL Carbon, and trusted by German star Patrick Franziska. It offers high speed and a feeling of ‘holding’ the ball.

Franziska Innerforce ZLC is recommended for players who seek powerful, stable attacks. The combination of a simple colored grip and a shiny lens with his initials engraved with a motif expresses a stoic figure trying to find light through rigorous practice, a la Patrick Franziska.

Blade: Innerfiber 5 plywood + 2 ZL Carbon
Style: Attack
Reaction: 10.5
Vibration: 9.5
Head Size: 157 x 150mm
Head Thickness: 5.7mm
FL Handle Size: 100 x 24 x 34mm
Average Weight: ~88g