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Vector Target is a high control mid speed attacking blade utilizing the benefits of Zylon +Carbon construction. Made to the most exacting standards, Vector touch features AYOUS and SOFTWOOD layers combined with Zylon and 30ton (60K) graphite weave. All Vector blades come with a preservative lacquer finish (no need to seal the blade), 2 high polish metal lens inlay, and a manufacturer backed guaranteed weight range (the only kind in the industry). Gambler is able to achieve precision weight range by using a proprietary grain density testing method and exacting moisture content regulation.
Speed: 77 (ALL+)
Ply: 5 PLY (3 wood + 2 Zylon Carbon)
Flex: mid high
Weight: 77-82 grams (guaranteed weight)
Thickness: 6.1mm+-.2
Head width: 149mm+-2
Head height: 155.6mm+-2
*While the VCZ blades do not have an equal in the industry they do compare favorably to other Zylon Carbon blades that cost $200-$400USD.