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Donic Twister LB

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Donic Twister LB is a newly developed medium to middle long pimple rubber made of a soft natural rubber mixture. The chamfered pimple heads create a lot of spin and rotation in an active game. Due to its fantastic control, it is ideally suited for returning serves and for passive blocks. With the Donic Twister LB the variety of the game increases enormously. All kind of shot variations can be done by this "all-rounder" so that it's the ideal solution for pimple players at all playing levels. 
Donic Twister LB Made In Germany.
The 1.5 mm sponge is perfect for a variable all-round game.
The 2.0 mm sponge is ideal for an offensive all-round playing style.

Speed: 57   
Spin: 36   Control: 80