Waldner OFF World Champion 89

Waldner OFF World Champion 89

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Waldner OFF World Champion 89 blade series is exceptional.
It celebrates the 25th anniversary of Sweden winning the World Championships Team title in Dortmund in 1989 (in a historic 5-0 final win against China). DONIC is exclusively producing three new blades in Germany, in honour of the legends Jan-Ove Waldner, Joergen Persson und Mikael Appelgren. Hand crafted and employing the most modern precision and technical know-how, in acknowledgement of the supreme mastery with which the Swedish Superstars played. 
The employment of our unique 3D-technology and the most recent bio technology ensures that the handle is in perfect shape. This is a fast blade but with great feel and ease of control. Designed for players who require a balance between speed and control.

Speed: 92 Control: 95 Plies: 7 Weight: 92g

Category: Off-/Off,
Elasticity: semi-rigid
Thickness of ply: 6, 9 mm

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