Butterfly Easifold DX 22
Butterfly Easifold DX 22
Butterfly Easifold DX 22

Butterfly Easifold DX 22

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Butterfly Easifold Deluxe 22
Quick Assembly and with a thicker top
Butterfly Easifold DX 22 table is similar to our popular quick assembly Easifold 19, but features a thicker top. The 22mm surface of the Butterfly Easifold DX 22 table provides a higher quality bounce for the more serious table tennis club or institution. The undercarriage is also more robust with thicker legs, cross bracing and rails. Both halves fold and roll for effortless storage and the space saving design allows for multiple tables to be stored more compactly. Each leg has an adjustable screw to ensure a level playing surface.
FREE SHIPPING with liftgate delivery to  US locations.
Top Thickness: 7/8" Wood
Rail/Rim: 1" x 1 1/2"
Legs: 1 3/8" x 2 1/8"
Wheels: 3"
Weight: 187 lbs
Safety Feature:
Approved: USATT
Playback Position: Yes
Adjustable Feet: Yes
Accessory Holder/Hassle Free Net: No
Warranty: 3 Years

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