Butterfly Omar Assar Blade
Butterfly Omar Assar Blade

Butterfly Omar Assar Blade

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Butterfly Omar Assar blade boasts wonderful specifications as well as a new material, Kevlar Carbon. These new plies absorb vibration and rebound the ball out quickly, putting pressure on your opponents. Coupled with a large sweet spot, this blade is perfect for offensive players that want powerful attacks without sacrificing accuracy. Butterfly Omar Assar Blade is the only Butterfly blade currently utilizing Kevlar Carbon plies. New Kevlar Carbon plies absorb vibration, making the blade harder, faster, and more accurate. Overwhelm your opponents with precisely placed attacks
All the advantages of carbon with a traditional all-wood feel.

Speed: 90   Control: 77   Plies: 7   Weight: 86

FL Handle Size: 100 x 25 x 34 mm