Butterfly Premium Rollaway 19
Butterfly Premium Rollaway 19
Butterfly Premium Rollaway 19

Butterfly Premium Rollaway 19

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Butterfly Premium Rollaway 19
Price includes shipping, handling and net set.
A heavier institutional table, this Butterfly Premium Rollaway is well suited for schools, recreation centers, and sports clubs where durability and storage space are a prime concern. Each table half folds up separately and can be rolled to fit snugly into the other half during storage. This design really saves space when multiple tables are stored together due to their ability to overlap each other.
The legs of the Butterfly Premium Rollaway 19
Perfect for institutional use where durability & storage space are a prime concern. The legs are indented from the ends & sides of the table for unhindered footwork. Its two-piece construction allows multiple tables to be stored in a compact space.
Made in Germany

Top Thickness: 3/4" Wood Top
Rail/Rim: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Steel Rail
Legs: 1 1/8" Square Steel
Wheels: 4" Locking Rubber Wheels
Weight: 205lbs
Safety Feature: Release Lock
Net: Classic
ITTF Approved: No
Playback Position: Yes
Adjustable Feet: Yes
Accessory Holder/Hassle Free Net: No
Space-Saving Design: Multiple tables easily stored
Folded dimensions: 60" x 67 1/2" x 28"
Curbside Delivery, very important, please read the Instructions! Curbside Delivery is Residential Delivery to the curbside of the place of delivery, with the customer providing help to the driver in order to get the freight off the end of the truck. All Table Tennis Tables include FREE CURBSIDE SHIPPING within the US*. Delivery will be made by a 48' tractor/trailer (a big truck). Due to the size of the truck, it may be difficult for the truck company to reach certain places of residence. If you believe that your street cannot access a 48' tractor/trailer please contact us immediately prior to purchasing your table. Before signing the delivery receipt: PLEASE INSPECT YOUR FREIGHT. The manufacturer and shipping companies do their best to ensure that your table arrives on time and without any damage. However, sometimes damage can occur in shipping. You should never sign the driver's delivery receipt until you have inspected your freight. Once you sign, you have absolved the shipping company of any responsibility, and it is almost impossible to have a claim honored. If your table arrives damaged, make sure the driver clearly writes the problem on the delivery receipt (this will be very useful if a shipping claim must be made), and please contact us as soon as possible. The customer has the right to look at the packaging for holes, smashed areas, etc and is even allowed to open up one end and take a look inside. Your table is sent to you strapped onto a pallet for added protection. Therefore, it is imperative that you make a notification on the carrier's delivery slip upon receipt of the table, if the table is not strapped down. Markings that state, "table received without a pallet" or "table loose" are considered appropriate. If your table appears to be in good condition but you are not 100% confident, you may sign the delivery slip with the following notification "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION". If the driver won't allow you to write this notification, please refuse the table. If there is any visible damages, you should note them as well, and refuse the table. If everything appears to be alright, then please sign and accept. Advising us of any concealed damages that may have occurred on your new table is critical for us to make a claim on your behalf in a timely manner. The faster that we are advised, the quicker we can solve the problem. Upon the report of the concealed damage, it may be necessary for an inspections report from the carrier to be filled out by the carrier themselves. Therefore, we recommend that if you do find a concealed damage, please do not assemble the table. Leave it as is.