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Gambler Wing / Big Gun Racket

Gambler Wing / Big Gun Racket

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Exotic Wing Wood IM8 Carbon is a one of a kind beauty 5 plies of high grade slow cured wood and 2 layers of IM8 carbon. WW IM8 has an incredible balance, high degree of flexibility. Ideal for players who use want maximum feeling and use spin as a primary weapon. Wing Wood is highly regarded as a material that positively increases the spin of all rubbers. This blade features cypress and Ayous in addition to the outer ply of Wing Wood. The IM8 carbon is located below the 2nd ply on each side of the blade. This blade is thermo-pressure sealed, a light satin lacquer is baked into the top layer then lightly polished to help prevent splintering. This blade comes assembled with Big Gun rubber. This ITTF/USATT approved rubber can be used in National or International events. Gambler Big Gun is an aggressive attack rubber for players who wish to initiate power with pace from mid court. Includes a single Gambler Competitor cover.

Speed: 91   Spin: 99   Control: 89