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Gambler Hinoki IM8 Carbon

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Gambler IM8 Carbon is a one of a kind 3 ply wood + 2 ply IM8 Carbon this blade is fast light and nimble with very good feeling and ball feedback. Ideal for all around attacking players with an emphasis on attack, pairs well with tacky and non tacky rubbers. The hinoki gives the blade a very smooth feel, power to weight ratio is also very impressive. Outer 2x outer ply are hinoki, inner core is kuki wood.

Speed: 90  Ply: 3+2  Weight: 80

About the rubbers: Gambler Zero Classic is a mechanical spin type rubber, generating spin exclusively via grip. Zero’s non-tacky surface is ideal for away table play or flat hitting (just like Japan or Euro rubber). While Zero is geared for the intermediate to beginning player it is still very capable of generating high speed and spin.  Speed: 97   Spin: 94   Control: 88