6  Gambler P40+ Balls White

6 Gambler P40+ Balls White

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6 Gambler P40+ Balls White
Gambler P40+Balls - 6 Pack White ball is a fully synthetic ITTF approved competition ball. P40+ is designed to carry spin farther with superior durability when compared to regular POLY or ABS construction. 6 Gambler P40+ Balls White was independently engineered and manufactured by Gambler, ensuring superior quality and playability.
Fully Synthetic (NON CELLULOID)
Gambler has made the change to our own punch out manufacturing process; this is the 2 part construction that is used in nearly every professional event worldwide. While our previous seamless design was good, nearly all national and international events use the 2 part ball, causing this style of ball to be preferred by a large majority of players.

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