Crisan Titanium  Qe

Crisan Titanium Qe

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<div class="sort-description"><inline><inline style="font-size: 16px;">Donic Crisan Titanium </inline></inline></div>
<div class="sort-description"><inline><inline style="font-size: 16px;">since the introduction of the 40 mm ball, players of all abilities favour quick, stiffer blades in combination with relatively soft, yet dynamic, rubbers. The secret of modern blade manufacture undoubtedly lies in producing a quick, stiff blade which can be easily controlled. Highly suitable for this purpose is the High-Tech product Titanium in combination with the outer hard Limba and inner softer Ayous plies. <br><br>Speed: 91 Control: 78 Plies: 5 + 2 Weight: 85g</inline></inline></div>