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Gambler Blackout Max Speed Carbon

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BLACKOUT CARBON is a high power attacking blade utilizing the benefits of high grade carbon construction. Made to the most exacting standards, BLACKOUT CARBON features Koto and select softwood layers combined with 60K Micro Mesh Graphite. All BLACKOUT CARBON blades come with a hand lacquer finish (no need to seal the blade), 2 high quality lens inlays, and a manufacturer backed guaranteed weight range (the only kind in the industry). Gambler is able to achieve precision weight range by using a proprietary grain density testing method and exacting moisture content regulation. This is a high speed composite blade, recommended for high level of play only.

Speed: 90 (OFF)
Ply: 5 PLY (3 wood + 2 60K Micro Mesh Graphite Carbon)
Flex: mid
Weight: 82-88 grams (guaranteed weight)
Thickness: 6.0mm +-.2
Head width: 149mm +-2
Head height: 155.6mm +-2