Gambler Platinum 3-Star Balls
Gambler Platinum 3-Star Balls

Gambler Platinum 3-Star Balls

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Gambler Platinum 3-Star Balls - pack of 36
The all new Gambler Bullet Platinum 3 star with hidden seam available in white or orange.
Gambler 40 mm balls have consistent weight and bounce.
Gambler Platinum has a harder formula that makes them suitable for club or National level USATT sanctioned events.
Gambler Platinum are of the finest quality, made with high density celluloid blended with plastic, utilizing a high pressure production process for excellent roundness and hardness.
Platinum balls are superior to most 3 star balls one the market.
Note these balls are now POLYBLENDED - they have plastic incorporated into the celluloid manufacturing process, and while the bounce is very close to the old ball it is a slight change in order to better mimic the bounce of a tournament polyball.
ROBOT USERS: These balls are TRUE 40 mm and will not cause ball jams like the 40+ as these balls are still classified as celluloid, and hold true to the 40 mm standard.

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