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Xiom Omega V Pro

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Xiom Omega V Pro with extra precision for passive and offensive shots.
Phased dynamics in the energy transfer between a ball and a rubber determines the rubber performance. Traditionally phased physical dynamics has been developed to produce the maximized spin and speed easily at lower swing speed. Omega V Pro plays significantly softer than V Asia and V Tour, and also has a much more pronounced catapult effect. Their energy can be transferred more efficiently and precisely with the new dynamics, specially phased for the professional play. Xiom Omega V Pro focused on the new dynamic mechanism for top professionals. Solid clicking, energy-charged repulse, and precise energy transfer allows the advantageous edge in small and big shots of the professional game. Experience the new Xiom Omega V Pro dynamics and Win with us.
Made in Germany.

Speed: 98   Spin: 96   Control: 67