Glue Advice

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Gluing your rubbers sheets:

There are now two ways that you can affix your rubbers onto your blade - by using quick glue sheets or water-based table tennis glue.

1. Table Tennis Quick Glue Sheets, Quick glue sheets are 0.05 mm thick transparent sheets which have two adhesive sides.
They enable you to quickly and easily affix your rubbers to your blade, but do not seem to be very popular with players.

2. Water-based table tennis glue is what is primarily used now.
For most players, regular water based glue is all you need.
Butterfly Free Chack or Donic Vario Clean glue which is completely free from organic solvents use it by applying a thin coat to the blade and rubber sheet and let both of them dry.
After a short drying period, stick the sponge and the blade surface together and cut around with scissor or our Rubber cutting Knife.
Water based glue tends to dry slow so if you are in a hurry use a hair dryer to speed up the drying period.

Blade Selection Guide

In table tennis, the term "Blade" refers to the wood part of the blade, not including the rubber. When you order a Blade from the Blades Department on our website, it does not include the rubber. If you order from the Combo Specials Department, the Pro Specials Department, or the Pre-Assembled Recreational Paddles Department, rubber is included with the blade.

Blades: Shakehand vs. Penhold:

Shakehand and Penhold are the two basic blade types. If you hold the paddle like you are shaking hands, then you should choose a Shakehand blade. About 80% of blades sold are Shakehand style. If you hold your paddle like you would hold a pen or chopsticks, then you should choose a Penhold blade.

Shakehand Handle Style:

Handle style is a personal decision. The shape and size of the handle that feels best in your hand is what you should use. For shakehand players, flared handles are the most popular, followed by anatomic and straight. The code for Flared is FL, Straight is ST, Anatomic is AN, The DONIC Dotec blades have a unique cork handle that is designed for either a left-hander or right-hander. The code is LEFT and RIGHT.

Penhold Style:

There are two styles of penhold blades: Chinese Style and Japanese Style.
The Chinese Style is more popular. The Chinese Style normally has a rounded head, similar to a shakehand blade head but often a little smaller.
The Chinese-style handle is smaller and shorter than a shakehand handle.
The Japanese-style penhold blade has a handle with a protrusion on one or both sides around which the player wraps the index finger.